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Welcome to the PLI Hackathon 2.0, building upon the resounding success of last year's PLI Blockcathon event!. This exciting event is tailored for passionate students eager to explore the world of Blockchain technology.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Blockchain has emerged as a transformative force, and Plugin in association with XDC network brings you this opportunity to immerse yourself in this cutting-edge field. Whether you're a blockchain enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Our hackathon provides a platform for you to conceptualize, code, and implement groundbreaking projects that harness the power of blockchain. Engage with like-minded peers and experienced mentors as you work together to bring your ideas to life.

On the day of the hackathon, teams will have the exciting opportunity to present their projects directly to the Jury members and compete for a chance to win incredible rewards. Get ready to unlock the full potential of blockchain technology and showcase your skills in a competitive, yet supportive, environment.

If you can imagine it, you can Build it on XDC!

About Us

Plugin - Secure, Scalable Decentralized Oracle Network

Plugin Decentralized Oracle Platform, provides cost effective solutions to any smart contract which runs on Xinfin Eco System.

Plugin endeavors to drive the expansion and adoption of diverse smart contract ecosystems within the XDC ecosystem. Plugin's decentralized oracle enables the smart contract to connect with the real-time world and allows the researchers and developers to build innovative blockchain solutions on XDC network.

Use Cases

More than 30 use cases are to challenge! what's yours

DeFi leveraging Plugin

Develop groundbreaking DeFi initiatives, including decentralized lending, DEX price feeds, synthetic asset design, and insurance and prediction markets, utilizing the Plugin Decentralized oracle, among other possibilities.

Proof of Reserve(PoR)

Develop PoR projects like real-time asset management auditing, Crypto Asset Backing, and cross-chain asset verification through the Plugin Decentralized oracle, ensuring the existence and authenticity of assets(These projects, offered for reference but not limiting your innovation).

Tokenization of Real world Assets

Use tokenization of real-world assets to enable fractional ownership and increased liquidity by representing physical assets, such as real estate or art, as digital tokens on blockchain platforms. Utilize Plugin to track the yield of real world assets

ESG and Sustainability

Use the Blockchain technology in ESG and Sustainability projects that offer transparent tracking and trading of environmental credits, facilitating sustainable and accountable practices to mitigate climate change.

Trade Finance - MLETR and ETA

Utilize the Blockchain technology in trade finance that provides transparent, real-time tracking and verification of trade transactions and shipment progress, reducing fraud and improving supply chain efficiency and optimize the trade finance ecosystem.

Self Soverign Identity

Use of self-sovereign identity allows individuals to independently manage and verify their own digital identities, reducing reliance on centralized authorities and enhancing privacy and security.


Leveraging Blockchain in the education domain, provide secure and tamper-proof records of academic achievements and credentials, enabling lifelong learning verification and reducing fraud.


Enhance the agriculture domain and bring transparency and traceability in the seed authenticity, ensuring quality of food products while optimizing processes

Supply Chain

Enable end-to-end visibility, provenance tracking, and efficient management of goods, reducing fraud and enhancing trust among stakeholders.

Healthcare - Data Interoperability

Foster secure and seamless sharing of patient information among diverse healthcare providers, improving patient care and data integrity.

Aviation Industry

Blockchain ensures the integrity of maintenance records, enhances aircraft part traceability, and optimizes supply chain logistics. It enhances passenger experiences through secure identification and loyalty program management and other user experiences.


DeFi-Lending, DAO, and Logistics Sector

A day filled with fun & ideation

Event Schedule

December 14th Schedule
  • 09:00 AM
  • 09:30 AM
    Project Presentations
  • 10.45 AM
    Keynote Speaker 1
  • 11.00 AM
    Project Presentations
  • 12.30 PM
  • 01.15 PM
    Project Presentations
  • 2.30 PM
    Keynote Speaker 2
  • 02.45 PM
    Project Presentations
  • 04.00 PM
  • 04.15 PM
    Project Presentations
  • 06.00 PM
    Prize Distribution Event
  • 06.30 PM

Message from Co-Founders
XDC Network

Atul Khekade

Co-Founder @ XDC Network

Join us in this exciting journey to shape the future of technology in India. Our hackathon is an opportunity for young, passionate students to come together and innovate on the XDC network. Let's create a benchmark and set an example for the world as we build the next generation of groundbreaking solutions. Your contributions can make a lasting impact, and together, we'll pioneer a brighter, tech-driven future for India and beyond.

Ritesh Kakkad

Co-Founder @ XDC Network

Join us in celebrating the spirit of innovation and collaboration as we gather a community of young, aspiring technologists for an extraordinary journey. Together, we'll harness the power of the XDC network to shape the future of technology in India. With your talent and creativity, we aim to set a global benchmark and inspire the world. It's an opportunity to unite, innovate, and collectively create a brighter, more promising world. Let's embark on this remarkable journey and make a lasting impact together!

Message from CEO & Co-Founder
Plugin - Decentralized Oracle


CEO & Co-Founder, Plugin - Decentralized Oracle built on XDC Network

I am excited to welcome you to "XDC Network presents Hackathon 2.0 powered by Plugin Decentralized Oracle" in Chennai, India. We are so excited to have you here, and we can't wait to see what you create.This hackathon is an opportunity for you to use your creativity, ingenuity, and problem-solving skills to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing our world today.

We have a wide range of challenges to choose from, so there is something for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned hacker or a complete beginner, we encourage you to participate.

I am also happy to announce that we have a number of prizes for the top teams.I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

All the best!

Judgement Criteria and Guidelines

Team Size

Team size for the hackathon will be capped at a maximum of three students, and a mentor is allowed if required. Each participating team is required to adhere to the following guidelines.

Project Selection

Teams are expected to choose their projects from a curated list of domains provided by the organizing committee.All teams are required to follow our social media profiles to stay informed about the hackathon and other initiatives undertaken by Team Plugin.

Project Development

Teams will have more than a month to work on their projects in preparation for the hackathon event. This time frame allows for in-depth research, development, and the creation of innovative solutions.

Demo Day

On the day of the hackathon, teams will have the valuable opportunity to present a live demonstration of their working projects to the Jury members. Each team will be provided 5 to 7 minutes to explain their project scope, demo and business model to the Jury members. This hands-on presentation showcases the functional aspects of the solutions.

Project Requirements

All projects must be built on the XDC network, utilizing the Plugin decentralized Oracle. Please click on goplugin.co for more info. Teams are expected to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that encompasses the following components: backend, frontend, smart contract, and Plugin integration.

GitHub Repository

Teams are required to upload the project code to GitHub and make it a public repository. This ensures transparency and enables organizers, mentors, and judges to review the code and project progress.

Project Presentations

In addition to the GitHub repository, teams should create a comprehensive Project Presentations. This presentation should include a high-level project summary, details about the challenges being addressed, the technology stack employed, the business model of the use case, stakeholders involved, and a YouTube link showcasing a demo of the working project.

Selection Criteria

Projects will be evaluated based on several criteria, including their potential for production-grade deployability, the challenges they aim to address, the viability of the business model, and adherence to coding standards. High-quality and innovative solutions will be recognized and rewarded.

By following these rules and guidelines, participants will ensure that their projects are aligned with the hackathon's objectives, meet the required technical specifications, and are presented effectively to the Jury members for evaluation and recognition.

Prize for Winners


Attractive price for the winners

Hackathon participants will have a whole day full of fun, hacking and presentation, competing for a total prize pool of INR 8,50,000 worth of XDC tokens with first prize of INR 2,50,000 worth of XDC tokens.


Possibility to get Internship

Apart from fun, the challenge, and drive to compete, the hackathon event offers exciting internship opportunities to the teams as they will have a chance to shine to their advantage before a jury of renowned experts.


Participation is key

In addition to the prizes for the winners, each participant to receive the certificate of participation and other goodies.

What you get?

By joining students will get a chance to explore the true power of competition and decentralized platforms

  • Win prizes worth a total of INR 8,50,000 in XDC Tokens
  • Try out Blockchain-Technology and solve real-world problems
  • Receive a Certificate of Participation
  • Networking - Meet & Greet
  • Experienced mentors that will help building the idea
  • Innovative Sponsors, new partners or clients
  • Other highly engaged participants
  • Transfer your knowledge into practice
  • Have fun with your team, our community and everyone else
  • Don't miss this special event and be part of the decentralized future!
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Event Location:

Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology V6CC+745, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, OMR Road, Jeppiaar Nagar, Solinganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119, India.

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